How to create a media box using a Raspberry Pi and OSMC (KODI)

What you need

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (this is the model that I am using, but you can also use other models)
  • SD Card — I have a 16GB one
  • Power for Raspberry Pi
  • Other computer to make the setups.
  • A spare USB keyboard for the setup

Download the last image for Raspberry Pi.

Install on SD Card

  • Go here to download balenaEtcher and install it. It’s available for Mac, Linux or Windows. So you should be covered.
  • Open Etcher and choose the image file (.zip) that you just downloaded. The filename is something like this: OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20190105.img.gz
  • Select the SD card you want to write to.
  • And click “Flash!”.
  • It should take less than 1 minute to flash it.

Power on the Raspberry Pi

Configure the System

Setup Remote app (mobile and web)

How to connect via SSH

  • username = osmc
  • password = osmc
  • Just type passwd after you connect to your raspberry using the osmc username
  • Type the current password: osmc
  • And type the new password two times. Make sure you use a strong password.
  • Next time when you ssh to media center you will need to use the new password.

Install YouTube Addon

  • Go to Addons
  • In the top left corner is small package icon. Select it
  • Select ‘Install from Repository’.
  • Choose ‘Video add-ons’ from the list
  • Scroll down to Youtube and select it and Install
  • Now go back and in Video Addons you should see Youtube. Select it and start the wizard to activate it.
  • After you finish to select Language, Region select Sign In from the list
  • You will need to do this twice when prompted go to and enter the code you have on the kodi screen.
  • Now you should see all the content related to your YouTube account.

Install Transmission Client and Addon

  • Go to My OSMC down in the list
  • Go to App Store — bottom right
  • Install Transmission Torrent Client.
  • Now the torrent client is installed on your osmc media center, and you can access it from your local internet entering the IP address of the Raspberry Pi and the port 9091. By default there is no password.
  • Also if you want to have the Transmission Addon on your media center too so you can check the status of the torrents you can install it from following normal steps as described above at Youtube: Add-ons -> Install from repository -> Program add-ons -> Transmission -> Install.

Install Quasar addon



Automate the house with Raspberry Pi :)

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